SDS NetTime for Palm

SDS NetTime is a time synchronization program for the Palm. The program synchronizes the Palm clock with a time server on the Internet. You can also synchronize the clock in another Palm with your Palm.


SDS NetTime is a shareware program. Download a copy of SDS NetTime and and pay online at Kagi Online Order Processing. The price for a single user license for SDS NetTime is US $10. The program runs on any Palm OS-based handheld running Palm OS 3.0 or higher (with TCP/IP software). A working Internet connection from the Palm is also required.

Using SDS NetTime

Main view screenshot Start the SDS NetTime program. The program shows the current date and time. Select the time zone where you are located, and if you want the clock adjusted for daylight savings. This is necessary as the Palm clock is using local time and the time servers are using GMT. Select the time server closest to you in the server popup menu.

Tap the Set Clock button. The program will now open a TCP/IP connection and retrieve the current time from the selected time server. If all is OK and the time server is synchronized, SDS NetTime synchronizes the Palm clock with the time server.

When you exit the program, the TCP/IP connection will be closed if it was opened from the SDS NetTime program. You can also select Disconnect in the Network menu to close he TCP/IP connection.


Before you can use synchronize with a time server, you must configure the Palm integrated TCP/IP software. If you already can access the internet from the Palm Pilot, the TCP/IP software is already configured and you don't have to change any preferences.

To configure the TCP/IP software, start the Prefs program and select the Network panel. Enter the user name and password for your internet account. If you have a modem connection you must also enter the phone number to your internet service provider. Please have a look in the Palm user manual for more details.

Time Servers

Servers view screenshot You must also tell SDS NetTime which time servers on the internet you want to use. The file NetTimeDB.pdb contains addresses to five time servers in different countries.

If you want to change the time servers, select Time Servers... in the Options menu. Tap on one of the five server buttons to select which server to configure. Enter the IP address or the name of a time server host. Enter a name of the server. This name is for your reference only.

You can select between two different protocols Time and SNTP. The Time protocol is a protocol supported by most servers. It has an accuracy of one second, but there is no guarantee the server is synchronized. The SNTP protocol has a much higher accuracy and indicates if the time server is not synchronized. The SNTP protocol is only available for registered users.


SDS NetTime is a shareware program. You can try it for an evaluation period. After 30 days you must pay the shareware fee if you want to continue to use the program. Pay online at Kagi Online Order Processing. The price is US $10. In return you get a registration number which removes the annoying register dialog during program startup and also enables the SNTP protocol.