SDS Time for Palm

SDS Time is a time tracking and time reporting program for Palm OS. The program keeps track of the time you have spent on different tasks or projects. All reported times are displayed in a day week and month view. A conduit for export to Excel is included.


Week view screenshot SDS Time is a shareware program. Download a copy of SDS Time and pay online at Kagi Online Order Processing. The price for a single user license is US $19 and for a site license US $300.

For more information, please read a short description with some screenshots.

There is also a German version of SDS Time. Read more about the German version in the article Arbeits- und Projektzeiten mit dem Palm erfassen.


New in version 6.6new

New in version 6.5

Comments from our customers

"I've run demos for lots of time tracking software. SDS Time by far is my favorite. It straight forward, can actually track time, is exportable and makes the most intuitive sense."

"SDS Time is the perfect tool for my time tracking needs. Great balance between simplicity and functionality."

"SDS Time is a great app. I use it all the time. Unlike other Time Management apps, it allows me to enter time for projects quickly and easily without being 'timer' based -- which I am not."

"It took me hours to find your software in amongst all the over complicated, overgeneralized time management stuff out there. Its precisely the way I want to record my working hours - i.e. easily: Start/Stop."

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