SDS Time User’s Guide

Time tracking and time reporting app for Android.

The task dialog

When you use the program for the first time you should define some tasks. Select the ”Edit tasks” menu and the ”+” menu to open a task dialog. Enter a name for the task and optionally a note.

The time dialog

From the day view you can report time on that day by selecting the “+” menu. A time dialog appears there you can enter work time for a task and optionally the start and end times for that task. If you only enter start and stop time the work time is calculated.

_images/app_day-small.png _images/app_time-small.png

It is possible to enter a lunch period. If there is a lunch start and stop time the lunch is excluded from the calculated work time. The start and stop times can be saved and used as default values for new time entries. Click and hold on a time entry to edit the time or save the time as default.

Export reported time

In the navigation views (the year, month, week and day views) you can export the reported times shown in that view to another app. Select the “share” menu and select the app to export to. The reported time is exported as a CSV file that can be opened by for example Excel.

If you have for example dropbox installed you can immediately export to another computer by exporting to dropbox.